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Advanced ICU


The Most Advanced Intensive Care Around-the-Clock

In the intensive care unit (ICU) every second counts, no matter the hour or the day. That is why Metroplex Adventist Hospital has partnered with Advanced ICU Care® to implement a Tele-ICU program that provides monitoring by highly trained intensivist physicians and critical care nurses twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Advanced ICU Care works closely with your doctor to complement their care plans by utilizing advanced computer technology to monitor your condition every minute of the day.

The Tele-ICU program continuously monitors your vital signs, medications, labs and clinical status. Electronic alerts identify issues, prompting immediate intervention. In-room video conferencing is used during periods of evaluation or when called upon by a caregiver. This video enables face-to-face consultations between the bedside and the Advanced ICU Care team. Metroplex Adventist Hospital is committed to providing the highest level of care and support to reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompany a serious illness or injury. If you have any questions about our ICU, please talk with your bedside nurse.

Advanced ICU Care works in collaboration with your doctor and the hospital’s critical care team to provide the highest standard of care available in the ICU today.

• The Advanced ICU Care team operates from a centralized location with access to patients’ clinical information.

Electronic alerts notify the team when a situation arises that needs immediate attention.

Two-way video access enables face-to-face consultations with bedside physicians and nurses.

• The care teams work together and follow best practices for optimal patient care, fewer complications and better patient safety.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was the program implemented?

A: The program was implemented to enhance the level of care we provide. Research shows Tele-ICU programs improve patient well-being, while reducing complications, deaths, and the amount of time patients must stay in the hospital.

Q: What is an intensivist?

A: Intensivists are doctors specially trained in the area of critical care. Critical care patients are those who are suffering from potentially life threatening conditions and require a higher level of monitoring. This monitoring is usually conducted by a team of specialists (intensivist doctors and critical care nurses) who are trained to handle these types of conditions.

Q: How will the Advanced ICU Care program impact my relationship with my doctor?

A: Your care will continue to be directed by your bedside physician at the hospital as well as the hospital ICU staff. Advanced ICU Care works in collaboration with your physician to provide an extra layer of care that ensures your care needs are addressed.

Q: How do Tele-ICU doctors communicate with patients and hospital staff, and what happens if a problem is detected?

A: The Tele-ICU team talks with the on-site team and the patient via two-way audiovisual technology in each room. Both teams can immediately detect and respond to any emergency the instant it occurs.

Q: How can I be sure my privacy is protected if I’m being monitored constantly?

A: Tele-ICU technology is never used to eavesdrop on patients’ activities or conversations. Patients are made aware any time they are being observed by a doctor or nurse, just as they would be by bedside caregivers in the hospital. When the critical care nurse or tele-intensivist “enters” the patient room, a doorbell sounds to alert the patient and family members.

Q: Does my care by the Tele-ICU intensivists add to the cost of my health care while in the ICU?

A: This is a service that the hospital has put in place to ensure the highest level of care is being provided. There areno incremental costs to the patient associated with this service.