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Integrated Health Clinic


Metroplex Behavioral Health Center offers high quality, cost effective care and treatment in a Christian-based setting.

We treat patients in need of crisis stabilization and support for early recovery by enhancing the patients’ engagement in treatment to include individual, family and process group therapy. The intent is to broaden patient’s awareness and motivate to make changes in their current level of functioning and reduction of treatment ambivalence.

Our program’s philosophy is based on the belief that through the therapeutic process and psycho-education, the patients suffering from serious psychiatric disorders that often results in a disruption of normal functioning in day to day activities. These disturbances often times affect thought, behavior, affect and functioning. The program is set up to help patients regain a satisfactory level of functioning and develop new skills for coping with their issues and return to their living environment interacting appropriately with family and other supports systems.

The Integrated Behavioral Health Outpatient Program is designed to help individuals who do not require hospitalization but can benefit from participation in a structured therapeutic environment. This strategy will address mental and emotional health needs and provide a supportive caring environment.

Participants will learn to:

• Recognize personal strengths and problem areas

• Develop and/or improve use of health coping skills

• Identify, challenge, and modify unhealthy thoughts and beliefs

• Improve ability to problem solve and cope with emotional crisis

• Change unhealthy behavior patters

• Improve communication skills

• Set immediate and long-term goals

Integrated Health Clinic

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Killeen, TX 76549

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