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Does your child run away from home, self-injure, become aggressive, have uncontrolled anger, feel depressed all the time, hear or see things that are not there, have severe anxiety, get suspended from school, threaten siblings or parents?

These may be signs that your child needs help.


Our Inpatient Program, for children ages 5-17, is designed for those who are a current danger to themselves, others, or who are having psychosis. Our nursing staff offers around-the-clock care. Our patients receive help from licensed social workers and psychologists who offer group and individual therapy and family therapy. Our pediatric psychiatrists diagnose, manage medication, and provide therapy based on each child’s individual needs. In this program, your child is taught coping skills, appropriate interactions with peers and adults in a group setting, behavior modification and accepting personal limitations.


Our Partial Hospitalization Program, for children ages 5-17, is a program geared towards those who need intensive help, but do not need inpatient care. In this program, your child attends Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and is home with you every evening, weekends, and holidays. Our partial program runs year round to help children learn to function in all social settings. Our partial patients are given: group counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, self-esteem/coping decision making skill groups, activity groups, educational classes, recreational groups, goal setting skills, and process group counseling. Our structured program track has clinically proven methods and results.

Let us help your child succeed. Contact us at (254) 628-1000.