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Breast MRI

As part of our dedication to providing state of the art care, MRI of the breast, including MR-guided breast biopsy, is available at Metroplex Hospital.  Breast MRI offers valuable information about many breast conditions that cannot be obtained by other imaging studies, such as mammograms, ultrasound, or tomosynthesis.  MRI of the breast is not a replacement for mammograms or ultrasounds, but rather a supplemental tool that has many important uses.

• Screening in women at high risk for breast cancer
• Determining the extent of cancer after a new diagnosis of breast cancer 
• Further evaluating hard-to-assess abnormalities seen on a mammogram 
• Evaluating lumpectomy sites in the years following breast cancer treatment 
• Following chemotherapy treatment in patients getting Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
• Evaluating silicone breast implants 

• MRI is noninvasive and does not involve exposure to ionizing radiation.
• MRI aids in detecting and staging breast cancer
• The dye/contrast used is less likely to cause allergic reactions than dye used /for CAT scanning.
• MRI can detect small breast lesions sometimes missed on mammograms.
• MRI can image breast implants and dense breast tissue common in younger women
• MRI is useful in evaluating women at high risk for breast cancer.
• If a suspicious “lesion” is seen with MRI only, MRI can provide guidance for biopsy.
• MRI poses almost no risk to the average patient when safety guidelines are followed.

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