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Physician Referrals


We provide a full clinical service to include clinical consultations and post-procedure follow-up care.

Metroplex – Interventional Radiology
2201 S. Clear Creek Road
Killeen, TX  76549

Scheduling: (254) 519-8998
Urgent Consults: (254) 681-8998
Fax: (254) 519-8516 

We will gladly contact your patient to schedule a procedure or clinic visit. Please fax us a referral along with any medical records. If imaging studies are available, please forward them to the address above. Below are our requested images and lab testing; however, we are happy to help coordinate testing as needed. 


- CBC, BMP, aPTT and INR
- For cirrhotic patients, need hepatic function panel
- For oncology patients – appropriate tumor markers. 
- PAD – complete lipid profile
- DVT – work-up for coagulation disorders


- Primary or secondary liver tumors: 4-phase contrast enhanced abdominal CT or MRI 
- Renal tumors (benign and malignant): Contrast enhanced CT or MRI
- Lung tumors: Non-contrast chest CT 
- Fibroids: Contrast enhanced pelvic MRI
- Pelvic congestion syndrome: MRI/MRV of abdomen and pelvis
- Peripheral arterial disease: Screening: Established disease documented with
  ABI and PVR and/or Doppler ultrasound or MRA/CTA of the pelvis and lower extremities 
- Renovascular hypertension: MRA or CTA of the abdomen/renal arteries 
- Vertebral compression fractures: MRI with STIR sequence or CT with bone scan may
   be required to confirm acuity

We offer outpatient consultations in the following areas: 

• Peripheral arterial disease
• AAA repair
• Deep vein thrombosis and
    post-thrombotic syndrome
• Varicose veins/superficial
    venous insufficiency
• Scrotal varicocele
• Uterine fibroid embolization     
• Tumor ablation

• Pulmonary arteriovenous malformations (PAVM)
• Fallopian tube recanalization
• Fallopian tube sterilization (Essure)
• Pelvic congestion syndrome
• Kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty
• TIPS (Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt)
• BRTO (Balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous
• IVC filter removal