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Seventh-day Adventists


Seventh-day Adventists base their faith on Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world, and upon His Word, the Bible that provides the fundamentals of faith and practice.

The Bible is God’s revelation of the origin, history, character, and behavior of mankind – especially of the God-man, Jesus Christ.  Although God’s penmen rather than His pen writes it, its authority and essential truths have been preserved.

Creation’s story is first told in the chronology of the first seven literal days of this planet, but this act of Jesus is reported also in other passages.  Acceptance of these Creation accounts provides harmony in all of Scripture.

Sabbath rest was introduced on the seventh day of creation, the day God stopped to celebrate the joy and goodness of His completed work.  Jesus Himself endorsed it as a day of worship more than 2000 years ago.  Because of this heritage and because the fourth is the only commandment to begin with “remember,” the Sabbath is seen as an acknowledgment of God’s Creatorship and sovereignty over life.  Activities on this day center on enhancing communication with and commitment to Him.

Baptism is a public expression of commitment to God, the acknowledgment of His supremacy over one’s life, and the recognition of His forgiving and saving power.  It is reserved for those who can understand its meaning and symbolism.  The form of baptism is seen in the example of Jesus who was immersed, for the word baptize means, “to dip in or under.”

The second Advent of Jesus Christ is possible only because of Jesus’ sinless life, His supreme sacrifice on the cross for all sinful mankind, and His unmatched resurrection.  Prophetic signs in the natural world, distress among the nations, and mankind’s inhumanity in others point to the time – though only God knows the hour.

Life after death begins with a coming resurrection, just as it commenced at creation when God gave breath to the two beings created in His likeness.  The grave is a place of unconsciousness, a condition in which the Bible describes as being asleep.  Though the body returns to dust, the spirit returns to God – to be reunited at the resurrection, which occurs at the Second Coming of Jesus.

Biblical prophecies reveal God’s plans for the future, provide meaning for the present, and set a framework for hope in a coming kingdom of righteousness for all who serve Him.

Marriage is another of God’s original gifts to the human family, intended to provide the joys of belonging regardless of time, place and culture.  By creating them both in the image of Himself, God showed that men and women are complete persons, equal in being and worth without compromising their differences.

Relationships are all-important – with God, in the family, throughout the neighborhood, around the world, and across the environment.

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