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Promoting Complete Health: Emotional, Spiritual and Physical


As the primary health care provider for West Bell, Coryell and Lampasas counties, we understand our community has needs beyond a medical perspective.

As a conscientious neighbor, Metroplex Health System prides itself on providing support to our community through community projects and services. We welcome sponsorship requests that align themselves with our mission.

To be considered for a sponsorship, projects must be representative of Metroplex Health System’s mission of promoting complete health, which includes the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of our community members. The project must not compromise any bylaw or policy of the health system or reflect negatively on the System’s public image.

All sponsorship agreements will be established in a fair, unbiased manner and will result in a mutually beneficial relationship for Metroplex Health System and the community.

Download the form here.

If you or your organization feels your project meets the criteria outlined above and would like to be considered for a sponsorship, please submit your request 4 weeks prior to your deadline via email to or by U.S. mail to:

Metroplex Health System
Attn: Erin Riley
2201 S. Clear Creek Road
Killeen, TX 76549