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Volunteering for Metroplex Health System


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our organization.

Volunteers at Metroplex Adventist Hospital and Rollins Brook Community Hospital have a legacy of kindness, caring, and Christian outreach.

Since 1979, the Metroplex Health System Volunteer Program has been building a better community at both Metroplex Adventist Hospital in Killeen and Rollins Brook Community Hospital in Lampasas. The men and women in the group range in age from 15 to 91 and area from around the world and all walks of life – civilian, military, retired, students, stay-home moms and more.

Fun and Rewarding Volunteer Opportunities

  • Couplet Care (mother and newborn) 
  • Information Desk 
  • Registration 
  • Same-Day Surgery 
  • Nutrition Services
  • Emergency Room
  • Nursing Stations on each floor
  • Gift Shop
  • Patient Education
  • Imaging Services
  • Transport Shuttle
  • Mail Services
  • Wellness Services

Profits from the volunteer run gift shop, The Eclectic, and special sales are used to fund annual scholarships and special department requests as well as other patient and community based programs. A background check is required prior to training for each volunteer.

Find joy in serving others. Become a Metroplex Health System Volunteer. There is something for everyone! A background check is required prior to training for each volunteer. Call 254.519.8147 or 519.8148 for more information. 

Apply online or on paper.  Paper applications may be turned it in to the hospital front desk or by mail.  We will keep it on file if we do not contact you for an interview.  


 Job Description for Volunteers

Volunteer Application